Prefabricated Naval Wet Unit/h2-cufon]
We are very highly specialized in manufacturing prefabricated fully fitted unit from crew vessel such as supplys, offshore instalations, dredging, military platforms to passage cruise ships, river cruise hotel or ferry vessels.

The wet units are made of galvanized steel together with stone wool (sandwich panel), and can be manufactured entirely from material such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel. All the materials are under strict and tough control quality.Huge and complete range of interior finishes, plain colour pattern and texture from plain colour the floor to walls, like laminated pvc foil on galvanized steel, ceramic tiles, marmolum plates, baked steel painted, welded vinyl or seamless decorative films. Finish exterior line can be supply on purchase which means notable saving cost during paneling- installations onboard.

Whatever the customer needs, fire proof “C” or “B” class (SOLAS), the materials are fully certified up and have been tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).There is a checking quality process before delivering to the client. The unit are dispatched in pallets and plastic cover to prevent any kind of damage on transport and once onboard during accommodations works.

Whether using lift system or fork lift truck, installation on board will be easy, flexible and direct, just to connect electricity , water-ventilation  service and drainage plan.

After years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing, there is no standard model of Maderas Jumilla wet unit but there is a reliable custom made. Our main goal is to adapt to the specifications and requirements of the customer, owner ship or so on.


Video Introdution

Flat Panel Unit”

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In refurbishment, reparations or just where the space is limited, the bathroom can be entirely delivered as flat panel or kit with detailed instruction and drawing to able to assembly easily.


Turnkey Accommodatios

From tugboat to yacht, offshore, dredger,passenger and cruise. New building, refurbish and re-conversions, MADERAS JUMILLA is specialized enough in integral services since  first  steps at desing and ingeniering to supply and installations of:

-Underlays and decorative floor.
-Comfort-acoustic and fire insulations.
-Bulkhead, ceiling and doors.
-Metallic and wooden furniture. Stainless steel furnitures.
-Prefabricated wet unit.
-Temporary offshore accommodations modules.
-Maintenance works.


Work Lines

  • Double Cabin
    • camas_naval2

      Spaces with high quality according to customer needs and agree with current regulations. Guarantees secured from the outset. Total reliability.

  • Kitchens
    • cocina_naval

      The long experience of Timber Jumilla bs in the shipbuilding sector, has provided highly specialized in the manufacture and assembly of all types of steel furniture and kitchens.