Prefabricated bathroom

Innovator, functional, modern  and flexible unit for hospital, hotel and building in general.  Fiabilidad total.

Custom plan areas according to customer and architect requirements and law regulations. Warranty ensures.Total reliable.

Fully finish ready to install on place with the possible least time.

All the bathrooms are delivered to our customer very well identificated and plastic packed water proof.

Shipment and installations on place always done by our qualificated staff personal.

Fastest connection to electricity, pipe-drainage water and ventilations system.

Much better coordination between the different provider and guilds. Considerable reduction in business management general and unit cost of the parties involved.

Extra-reduction cost in security and health prevention.


Bathroom fully equipped with pipes, sanitary accessories, electricity and so on, following technical and drawing specification. The best material firm are used here to achieve the best quality and astonished finished.